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by individual appointment (via MS Teams): next slots


Da leggere/to be read

Ideas: ProspettiveInOrganizzazione – Journal of Organization Design – IdeasForLeaders -
Here more details (Global Organization Design and HRM 22/23Global Organization Design and HRM 21/22 - Global Organization Design 20/21Progettazione Organizzativa 21/22 - Progettazione Organizzativa 20/21)

For submitting their files students must sign up for a free account on www.turnitin.com  (https://www.turnitin.com/newuser_type.asp?lang=en_us) – access codes:

1) Class ID: 37161939; 2) Password: nonsicopia (from this moment you are enrolled with the virtual class “Giustiniano_Theses_2023-2026”)

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