Leonardo Morlino is Professor Emeritus of Political Science  at LUISS, Rome. He was President of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) (2009–2012) and visiting professor at several Universities, such as Yale University, Oxford University, Institut des Sciences Politiques, Paris, Juan March Foundation, Spain, Stanford University, Wissenschaftszentrum, Berlin, UNAM, Mexico.
He is the author or co-author of more than 40 books and more than 200 journal essays and book chapters published in English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, Mongolian, and Japanese. His most recent books include: Equality, Freedom, Democracy. Europe after the Great Recession (2020), How Economic Crisis Changes Democracy. Evidence from Southern Europe (Palgrave, 2017, with F. Raniolo), The Quality of Democracies in Latin America (International IDEA, 2016), Changes for Democracy (Oxford University Press, 2011). He was also one of the three editors of the International Encyclopaedia of Political Science (8 vol., Sage, 2011), which won the Darthmouth Medal - Honorable Mention - for reference publishing in all domains of knowledge, and of the Handbook of Political Science (3voll. Sage, 2020).

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