Carmela Cappelli graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics at University of Naples in 1997. Her dissertation, whose focus was on pruning methods in classification and regression trees, was awarded with distinction from the committee. In 2001 she completed a PhD program in Computational Statistics and Applications. In 2002 she has been awarded the “Young Statistician Best Paper Prize” from the scientific committee of Computational Statistics International Conference. The same year she has been appointed as researcher at Department of Political Science.  Her research centres around multivariate data analysis with a special focus on non parametric regression and classification.She is member of the Italian Statistical Society and of the International Federation of Classification Society. She has partecipated in various national and international research project. During her career she has visited several international institutions such the Imperial College (UK) as academic visitor, the Washington University in St. Louis (USA) an the University of Canterbury (NZ) as invited academic visitor where she have also led seminars, and the Yale University (USA) where she has worked as research associate.

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