How can I enrol students who have not been automatically enrolled in my course? And how can I enrol a teaching assistant assigning him the right to change my course and add content?

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In order to allow students and a teaching assistant to access the course, it is first necessary that they have migrated to the new platform ( Subsequently the teacher can proceed to their enrolment following the procedure shown on the attached GUIDE.

To start this procedure, you have to click on "Users" -> "Enrolled users" in the "Administration" panel on the right side of the screen. Next, you can see the list of the current members, which initially contains the teacher of the course (role that allows to change the content of the course and manage the registration of other participants) and the students who are already enrolled in the course. Clicking on the "Enrol Users" button, Moodle opens a small window (pop-up) where the list of all registered users on the platform but not yet registered in the course is displayed. In correspondence of each one there is an "Enrol" button, clicking on which the corresponding user is enrolled in the course assigning him the role selected through the "Assign roles" drop-down menu. By default, the "Student" role is assigned to a new member. So, to enrol an assistant, it will be necessary to select "Teaching assistant" in the drop-down menu, searching for the assistant and then clicking on "Enrol".

Once you have finished registering the desired users, you can end the enrolment process by clicking on the "Finish enrolling users" button at the bottom of the window.

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