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CISCO Academy - IoT: Connecting Things

Course Overview

In Connecting Things, students learn how to securely interconnect sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, single-board computers, and cloud services over IP networks to create an end-to-end IoT system.


Students will develop the interdisciplinary skillsets required to prototype an IoT solution for a specific business case with a strong focus on the security considerations for emerging technologies.

Learning Components

  • Understand and explain the concepts, opportunities and challenges of digital transformation using IoT.
  • Interconnect sensors/actuators, microcontrollers (Arduino), Single Board Computers (Raspberry Pi) and cloud services (Cisco Spark restful API) to create an end-to- end IoT system.
  • Understand the relevant aspects of cybersecurity and privacy for an IoT solution.
  • Understand how digitalization is changing vertical markets such as manufacturing, energy, and smart cars.
  • Use simulation tools (Packet Tracer) to create end-to-end IoT system.